Items for Purchase

There are a number of items that our clients find useful or may be recommended for therapy sessions. If you would like to purchase one or more of these, just order below.

1 2 3 Magic

1 2 3 Magic is a parenting program for parents to use with children, up until age 12. Dr. Duncan and Sharla Shaffer utilize this program frequently in working with children and their families.

There is a book for children to learn to adapt to the new rules and what to expect.

And though too old for the 1 2 3 Magic program officially, there is a guidebook for helping parent teens.

ACT Resources

Dr. Duncan and Tom Lucas regularly utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in sessions. Clients are often interested in practicing ACT strategies outside of sessions.

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life is a great starter workbook for those interested in continuing ACT skills outside therapy sessions.

The Happiness Trap is another great introductory workbook for applying ACT skills outside therapy sessions.

Marriage Material

Tom Lucas has specially trained in marriage and relationship therapy. He uses several works from that system to help couples turn around struggling relationships.

The Divorce Remedy is the primary text Tom uses in working with couples on relationship issues and is prefered reading for couples work.

Healing from Infidelity is another resource used in couples therapy in which infidelity has played a role in the concerns the couple brings to sessions.

Reminiscence Therapy

Dr. Duncan uses reminiscence therapy to build positive interactions with older adults who have memory concerns. The questions and activities can often be used by family and caregivers.

Through the Seasons is an activity and questions book for family and caregivers of adults with memory impairments. It make suggestions, not just for conversations but activities as well.

Solution Focused Therapy

Both Tom Lucas and Debra Lucas (no relation) tend to use solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) approaches in their interactions with clients.

Change Your Life and Everyone in It is a SFBT primer that is an excellent supplement to any SFBT approach to dealing with struggles such as depression, stress, and more!


Dr. Duncan and Sharla Shaffer play games to facilitate communication in therapy. The Ungame is a noncompetitive game focused on communication about topics of interest to the players.

The basic game board is a great traditional approach to play. It is not actually required to facilitate the conversation but can make for a great family night game, and has a starter pack good for all ages and groups.

There is an expansion pack of questions and topics for all ages, and can be useful if the topics from the main pack have been explored.

The family pack is also a great option for family game night, additionally it may be used in family therapy sessions to facilitate communication.

Dr. Duncan has used the couples version to facilitate communication in couples therapy, and playing this expansion pack can continue this exercise at home.

Dr. Duncan and Sharla often use the teen version to facilitate discussion with teens that are reluctant to talk without a subject to discuss, and can be used for parents to continue the game to help with conversations at home.

Similarly, there is a kids version that we use in therapy that can also aid parents in communicating with their kids.

Dr. Duncan utilizes "reminiscence therapy" with older adults who struggle with memory concerns. This common intervention is useful for family and caregivers, making the "senior edition" a useful set of questions to guide such discussion at home.

Video Games

Dr. Duncan has used cooperative video games to facilitate communication and cooperative discussion in sessions with children and teens. Some clients have enjoyed the games and look for their own copy.

SnipperClips is a cooperative game where players communicate and work together to solve a variety of amusing puzzles.

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